No 7 For Seven for the next two Wednesdays

"It's a good joke"

Hey, all,

I feel like I just came back from a newsletter break. Now I have to go back to mental hibernation for just a little longer.

I’ve hinted at this a few times, but just to be more transparent: This coming week is the final full week of my coding Bootcamp. I’m doing General Assembly’s software engineering intensive fellowship, and we’ve entered the final stretch of making our final projects, as well as fine-tuning our resumes and LinkedIn. (If we’re not already connected on LinkedIn, let’s connect!) It’s exciting stuff, and I really need to give all my attention to these last few days, so I’m hitting pause on the newsletter again just for a little bit so that I avoid burnout.

You know the joke about the washed writer who learns to code? It’s a good joke.

In all seriousness, I’m really excited about post-graduation and all the fun new tech work that I get to do that’ll both fuel and complement the writing, whether it’s through my freelance work (I’m still contributing to New York Magazine), writing more fiction, or in this newsletter. And with all my new coding knowledge, I plan on making some key upgrades to this newsletter … more to come in the coming months.

(A shameless work-plug: I will be looking for full-time software engineering work upon graduation. If you know of any opportunities or would like to talk more, let me know and I can share more information beyond what’s on my LinkedIn, website, and GitHub. I’m now officially a full-stack developer, and I especially like Python and React.)

There WILL be a writer interview two Fridays from now. After that, unless something drastic comes up, the normal Wednesday newsletters will go back to normal.

I don’t say this enough, but y’all are the best. I know pausing the newsletter every now and then makes for some inconsistencies - and y’all know how much I love consistently, and standing by a routine - but I also know that sometimes life happens, and you got to be flexible when needed. I appreciate you all for still following and supporting the newsletter. It’ll always mean more to me than you might think.

Thanks all, and much love,