7 For Seven on pause indefinitely (but like, not really)

Plus, a big announcement

It’s … not Wednesday morning.

Remember my last Wednesday newsletter when I said that I had to go back to mental hibernation? Welp, I need more time.

Everything is all well and good. Busy, but good. This current transition is exciting and a lot, and I need to take at least the rest of February to get more settled with all the changes. That means I’m pausing on the Wednesday newsletters, as well as the bi-weekly writer interviews. It’s a nice feeling to actually step back and hibernate until the literal spring, which I hope will be safer and more hopeful than what we encountered around this time a year ago. (I reread the newsletters that I sent last March … it was a lot.)

There’s also a new development that more directly affects you … I’m moving 7 For Seven to Mailchimp!

It’s been a long time coming, and I’m still working out the kinks for the new layout. The newsletter won’t look too different at first (famous last words, right?), though I am excited to play around with some cool new features. I think Substack does a lot of things well, yet as I’ve gotten more into software engineering, I’ve become more excited by Mailchimp, which is more code friendly to experiment and test out different ideas, which is what I’m interested in working on at the moment.

Here’s a teaser: I think I now want 7 For Seven to look and feel more like an actual letter, instead of the lizard-brain bullet-point newsletter format that I’ve grown numb to. Not the most original idea, I know, but at this moment, the change feels right, and something that I think will be more sustainable long-term.

But any drastic change will come slowly throughout 2021.

How will this affect you?

In no way!

I should be able to move y’all from Substack over to Mailchimp’s contact list. I’m aiming (keyword “aiming”) to send my first newsletter from Mailchimp during the first week or so of March to make sure y’all get it (and so you can re-add me to your contacts and avoid spam muahahaha).

The bad news is that Mailchimp doesn’t easily move over legacy content from other platforms. (This is what initially won me over to Substack when I was looking to expand beyond 7 For Seven’s original home at TinyLetter … a platform, ironically, now owned by Mailchimp.) I’ll keep this Substack up a little while longer to make sure the transition has been properly made, and I’ll link and preserve those original interviews in a way that makes the most sense.

I say this a lot, and I’ll gladly keep saying it: I appreciate y’all being patient and flexible. 7 For Seven will be a little bare-bones for a hot sec, and I think that’s all right.