7 For Seven: no newsletter today (again)

more break time!

Hey, all, I should have shared this earlier, but I decided to take all of these September Wednesdays off, as well as the first Wednesday in October. The extended break feels nice, so I want to extend it a little longer.

Also, I’m going to be away from my computer all next week, so I’m going to publish what would be next Friday’s writer interview THIS Friday! It’ll be another great one, so stay tuned. (I’ll still publish October fiction on that first Friday, so after that, everything should go back to normal.)

If you haven’t registered to vote, check out my recent newsletter with specific links to help you register based on your state. It took less time to register to vote than it did to watch an episode of Big Mouth. You got this.

Also, today is my mom’s birthday, so go listen to some nice Jason Mraz in her honor. Love you, Mom!