7 For Seven Fiction Friday: "Light" and Two Other Poems

"The Later Afternoon Before Flight," "Light," and "Party."

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The following three poems are by Brady Gerber.

“The Later Afternoon Before Flight”

You and I fall in and out of love too easily.

I wrote that.

You’re talking about yourself and including me in your fantasy.

You said that.

(She doesn’t know that I wrote that.)


I understand, then.

I think.

I think this.

We sit in silence on the steps.

It’s not a bad silence.

I know that at this moment, this minute will mean more to me than it ever will to her.

I tell myself this.

I think.

We count the clouds.

I’m glad that she wanted to say goodbye.

I’m happy to be proven wrong.

That’s what other people are for.

Who said that?


I welcome the sadness when it finds me.

In the purple shade, I feel free.

Cold hands. Warm thoughts.

What is wrong with wanting fire

When it gives light.

There is a light. Who cares where it comes from?

Is that the right thing to say?

It is not unnatural to flicker

A flame pushed by the wind, to form around it

To move is to still give light

It finds a way

Whether it knows it or not


The invitation read “If you wish to come.”

As if we had a choice.

“What if we do?” you ask me in the bathroom as we finish getting ready.

Neither of us says anything to that.

We get there late.

- “Right on time!” our host says.

There is a coat check we don’t use.

I see people I know. Everyone drinks from colored solo cups. We all have different colors.

- “There’s a famous painter here, apparently.”

- “Hello,” says the famous painter.

His cup is orange.

That was fun, I want to say out loud on the ride back.

Maybe if I say it out loud, it’ll be true.

She’s smiling in the passenger seat while looking out through the window.

We continue to sit in silence.

She stops smiling, but she still looks out through the window.

I can see this from her reflection.

What does she see in the darkness?

What can she see

What does one think when they are not smiling but not angry?

She grabs my hand.

I squeeze it to let her know that I feel her hand on mine.

We are still silent.

Maybe if I show how much I love you, it will come true.


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